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RECIPE: Serves: PREP TIME: From the kitchen of: RECIPE: Serves: PREP TIME: Julianna Smith. Design &Illu ration. PRINT ON YARDSTICK OR ...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing recipe card template excel
Hi my name is Matthew Pearce I'm a software engineer, and today I'd like to show you how to create recipe templates in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel now recipe templates they kind of have four essential elements a name of the recipe the ingredient list the instructions or directions on how to create it and sometimes a narrative that describes what it is how many servings what kind of maybe it goes good with red wine or something like that you know things like that now in Microsoft Word you can get these readily available templates right off of Microsoft's website to do that you go into Word say new, and you want to come up with you want to find a recipe template all you have to do in the search bar here is type recipe, and you'll go out to Microsoft Office online and pull down this whole list of and look at all these templates you just have a wide assortment of templates that you can choose from you can pick any one of them it'll download it onto your system, and then you have it right there you can go through you can edit it you can change it put your own graphics in you know tailor it to your own needs it really is a nice easy starting point, and then it caches it on your system for later if you want to do it again it's already there you don't have to redownload it, so Microsoft Word is very simple Microsoft Excel is a little different in that case you have to make your own rows and columns and things like that like I've done here I've created this column right here it's actually it's three columns I've merged the cells together when I do that I use the merge and center function right here you can merge and center merge across there are different types of merges you can do, so I do it for the name up here so that I can write it or here I wrote bacon and eggs and then here this is just simply three columns of rows, and you can put you know your amount your measure your ingredients there, so you can build your ingredient list here again this is the instruction area I have created one big cell by merging a large column cells than I told it I wanted it to be to word wrap into you know left justify start at the top to do this I'll show you how to create a big sell like that you just select a range of cells that you want merged into one go here you can say merge cells, and then you can say word wrap right there and then now you can type some text into it, and it will word wrap for you now you see right here it's its putting it down the bottom you can right-click in their go to format cells okay it's not where I want to do so right-click format here we go alignment go to alignment you can say horizontal alignment you can tell if I justify it and the vertical alignment you tell moving at the top say okay and there that's what I did, and so I did that with this cell right are this group of cells right here and another with my little narrative thing right here, so now you have basically the start of a template something you can use as a template...
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